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We are the largest local manufacturers of water chillers for the plastic industry

water chiller manufacturers Our standard air cooled range of tank chillers - (TC range) have capacities from 1 kW to
400 kW (But Compact Cool chillers can be linked in parallel for bigger capacities). Our product range includes specialized designs for non standard applications and higher cooling capacities.
Please contact us for our list of references which include the largest plastic process companies in South Africa.
All cooling products are manufactured in our premises (4000 m2) for over 32 years, and include 12 months guarantee, DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certification, Proudly South African endorsement, and BEE level 5 compliance.

Added advantage of our products:
• Units are designed and manufactured for African high ambient conditions, and include steel frames and Galvanized panels all powdered coated. Additional options for corrosive environments include hot dipped Galvanized frames, Copper to Copper condensers.
• The bigger chiller units have independent refrigeration circuits. In the event of a circuit failure, unit continues to operate with water at a slightly higher temperature. Customers can specify additional circuit(s), for standby.
• Cooling circuits operate in First In First Out Principle (FIFO) – thereby ensuring auto rotation between circuits.
• Units can be easily linked to other Compact Cool units for parallel operation. Ideal for future expansion in cooling requirements
• All parts are locally sourced and are carried by us.
• 24 hour service back-up throughout South Africa.
• Unit’s simple design allow easy service.

Product range:

Water chillers (standard)

- Air cooled tank water chiller - TC / TKC / PCA range (We recommend the TC range for plastic processing)
- Air cooled Shell and Tube/ Plate heat exchanger chiller – SCA / TT range
- Water cooled tank chiller – TCW range
- Water cooled Shell and Tube/ Plate heat exchanger chiller – SCW / TTW range

We can design and manufacture non standard chiller unit’s to suit customers needs.

water chiller water chillers water chillers

Dry Coolers

dry cooling Dry Coolers
- Dry coolers for water supply temperatures close to ambient (- 30 ° C) – DC range / GH range)

Cooling towers
- Supplied loose or mounted on Steel frame with pumps and switchgear complete to run


Air Handling Units

water chillers
Air handling units / Fan coil units

- Standard Air Handling unit – TAH range

- Fan coil units (to operate with chilled water)

We are agents and distributors of the following products:

water chillers

Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers
We are agents for WTT Brazed plate heat exchanges capacities from 1KW - 700KW available with stainless steal plates with copper on nickel brazing. Ideal as oil coolers

bry air

dehumidifierWe also manufacture/supply for the other industries the following products

We are distributors of the Bry-Air range of products - Dehumidifiers, Plastics processing equipment, Heat recovery wheels

We also manufacture / supply for the other industries the following products

Air conditioning units                                  - Air Cooled Ice Builders
For cooling of computer rooms,                   – For thermal storage applications
cabinets etc...

water chillerswater chillers

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