Custom design and manufacture water chillers and cooling units.

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Water Chiller Manufacturers

ThermochillSystems has served a variety of markets for 23 years, specialists in the manufacture of water chillers, in South Africa. We pride ourselves in our ability to design water chillers and cooling units for specific applications in a short time. Our machines are manufactured only from high quality components.

Air Cooled Water Chillers

Control Unit for Water ChillerAir cooled water chillers are our strong point but can provide water cooled systems too. With the exchange rates constantly instigating inflated costs for imported equipment, we are placed in a very competitive position as a local manufacturer. Prompt after sales service accompanies the local supply concept and is a valid consideration.

Our machines can be designed with internal or external water reservoirs. Two stage cooling with dual reservoirs allow us to provide 2 chilled water supplies at different temperatures!

Water Chiller Units & Water Blender

Water Blender2 stage water chiller unit

Top Left: 72kW 1000 Liter/Hour water blender with fully automated dough temperature control for Kotu Bakery (4000 Loaves/Hour).
Top Right: Water Chiller manufactured for Heartland foods. 50Kw - 2 Stage capacity Control Chiller unit.

Design and Manufacture of Water Chillers in South Africa

LH 100 Water Chiller Unit LH400 Water Chillers LH400 Water Chiller Inside View
Water Chiller Manufacturers Water Chiller Unit Water Chiller manufacturers South Africa
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Thermochill are agents of The Arctic Chiller Group

ArctiChill Logo Critical-Duty for Medical and Process "Manhattan-Modular" Chillers High-Purity Water Systems

ArctiCool Danfoss-Turbocor Oil-Free Chillers Water, Air and Evap Condensed Flooded and DX, Subcooled Systems

FreezeCo Danfoss-Turbocor Oil-Free Chillers Specialty Chillers and Systems Modularized Chiller Systems

Turbo Compressor

We are unique among the few Danfoss Turbocor Compressor OEMs. The Arctic Chiller Group has facilities in Canada and the USA with diverse and well established product lines. We apply many compressors in many ways for our Commercial HVAC, Industrial Process and Energy Upgrade customers.

Arcti Chiller Heat Recovery

Water Cooled Chillers

AcrtiCool Chiller

All Arctic Cool water cooled chillers are AHRI Certified for performance and designed with a two degree F approach to enhance the compressor performance resulting in outstanding IPLV ratings. Arctic Cool standard water-cooled chillers are available from 60 to 1500 tons in various configurations and with many standard options or enhancements.

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