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Manufacture water chillers and cooling units.

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ThermochillSystems - Water and Air Chillers for the Plastics Industry

ThermochillSystems has served a variety of markets for 23 years, specialists in the manufacture of water chillers, in South Africa.

Specialise in Manufacture of Water Chillers

Thermochill Systems has served a variety of markets for decades, specialising in the manufacture of Water Chillers with cooling capacities from 1kW to 600kW .

We pride ourselves in our ability to custom design and manufacture Water Chillers and cooling units for specific applications in a short lead time.  Flexibility of design, product adaptability and impeccable service are some of the reasons that we are leaders in the industry. 

Our Chillers serve a variety of industries from the plastics industry through to the baking industry where we can offer a turnkey Chiller solution.  Our Chillers are manufactured from only the highest quality components and backed by our 12 month guarantee.

Industries Served

  • SUGAR 
Water Blender 72kW 1000 Liter/Hour water blender with fully automated dough temperature control for Kotu Bakery (4000 Loaves/Hour).
2 stage water chiller unit Water Chiller manufactured for Heartland foods. 50Kw - 2 Stage capacity Control Chiller unit.

Design of Air Cooled Water Chillers

We are specialists in the design and manufacture of Air Cooled Water Chillers but we can also provide various alternative water cooling systems on request.  A firm commitment to consultation and interaction, throughout the scope of the specification process, ensures that your Chiller requirements are met with the appropriate and most cost-effective solution.  Our in house design team are constantly striving to design Water Chillers that are efficient, cost effective and of the highest quality levels to meet operational demands.  Each unit is individually constructed to meet the exact requirements and specifications that the process requires.  One of the ways we achieve high Water Chiller efficiencies is to design Chillers with multiple circuits which can either have an internal or external water reservoir.  The additional option of two stage cooling with dual reservoirs allows us to provide 2 chilled water supplies at different temperatures.    Although our designed to have a minimal foot print, our Chillers can be installed both indoors or outdoors to help alleviate any space constraints. 

Prompt After Sales Service

Prompt after sales service accompanied with the local supply concept is a valid consideration that clients need to acknowledge.   Offering a value added service to our clients, that can not be beaten, is of utmost importance to us.  Warren Buffet sums it up in a few words, “Price is what your pay, Value is what you get”.  Breakdowns or servicing are a reality in the industry and with service agents country wide and spare parts immediately available this means that breakdown or service induced down time is limited or even possibly eliminated.  

Design and Manufacture of Water Chillers in South Africa

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Thermochill Systems

Shane Farrimond

   072 190 2604

Jacques Meintjies

  082 875 0355

  Telephone   +27 31 914 4954

  Fax               +27 31 914 4955

  Physical    Unit 4 Prospect Park, Coralgate Crescent, Southgate Business Park, Umbogintwini, KZN

Thermochill are agents of The Arctic Chiller Group

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