Maritime Marketing are Plastics Machinery Distributors for Southern Africa including Injection Moulding Machines.

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TMC Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

TMC TECHNOLOGY CORP was established in 1971. TMC is an ISO 9001 & 14001 certified manufacturer. Our priorities are customer satisfaction and continuous improvement in all areas, with the goal of trouble-free performance. For over 40 years, TMC has invested an enormous amount of time in research and development, which has led to superior performance in TMC machinery & products.

Injection Moulding Machine Range

E-Series Toggle injection moulding machine; 60-1500 tons clamping force
E-SE series Servo energy-saving injection moulding machine; 60-1500 tons clamping force

Jetmaster Injection Moulding Machines

Plastic Injection Moulding Machines

Chen Hsong Injection Moulding Machines A Small-to-medium-tonnage hydraulic injection moulding machine that couples high speed with high performance and superior precision to deliver unparalleled results

Chen Hsong has grown from a small machinery workshop to one of the largest manufacturers of injection moulding machines in the world. Chen Hsong produces around 15,000 machines annually - approximately 1 machine sold every 10 minutes - with a customer base covering more than 90 countries worldwide, including China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, France, UK, Germany, Turkey, India, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and most SE Asian countries. Our clamping force ranges from 20 tons to 6,500 tons, with shot weight from 28g to 110kg. Chen Hsong's leading position in the industry is secured through relentless pursuit of technological advancements, manufacturing innovations, no-compromise service levels and a single-minded pursuit of excellence.

MK6 Servo Drive Injection Moulding Series
A Small-to-medium-tonnage hydraulic injection moulding machine that couples high speed with high performance and superior precision to deliver unparalleled results
Supermaster Two Platen Advanced Servo Drive
A "True" Two-platen injection moulding machine that's fast, precise and accurate combining the largest stroke and platen requirements into the smallest footprint possible
Easymaster Third generation advanced Servo Drive Series
A hydraulic, high-precision injection moulding machine delivering improved response times and higher energy savings for your production needs
Jetmaster Second Generation Servo Drive Large Series
Driven by a revolutionary intelligent servo system ,the second generation SVP/2 power pack combines a fast-response gear pump with a high precision servomotor ,integrated with a proprietary servo drive into an affordable package that guarantees the highest response , highest precision and lowest power consumption at the same time .


Liansu - Pipe and Profile Plastic Extrusion Lines

Plastic Extrusion Machines

Low-shear, high torque and large L:D ratio, guaranteeing stable extruding of plastic.

LIANSU Machine is a high-tech enterprise that specialized in researching, developing and manufacturing plastic extrusion equipments, extrusion dies and injection moldings. LIANSU makes high quality of Plastic pipe production line for water supply system, Sewage system, Irrigation system, Plastic Profile extrusion line, Plastic sheet & Panel production line, turn-key project on various WPC profile, sheet, panel extrusion line.
LIANSU have an established, international research and development centre which helps keep up with the latest technology and enables them to continue in their leading position in the plastic industry. Their research team consists on over 100 people these include: professors, masters, senior engineers, engineers, standing consultants and experts.

Extrusion Machinery

Plastic Extrusion Equipment

BG Plast was founded in 1987 with the mission to manufacture special plants for the extrusion of foils and sheets made of thermoplastic materials. Our work starts with a precise analysis of the customer's specific needs and requirements, and continues with machine design and production, with final testing at the customer's premises. Our main distinctive features are reliability and correctness in performing our activity. Quality is ensured by advanced solutions and products which allow us to produce safe and functional plants. Our professional competence is sided by a suitable knowledge and experience in the regulatory sector thus ensuring the highest quality standards required in the machines design, production and maintenance and implementing them with Quality Systems in compliance with the enforced norms.


Formech - Vacuum Forming machinery Suppliers

Vacuum Forming Machines

Formech is a UK designer and manufacturer of vacuum forming machinery. Since 1982 Formech has worked closely with the world's leading material, tooling and trade formers to develop a range of vacuum forming machines that are easy to use and deliver consistent results with the most challenging applications. We are continually inspired by the passion and creativity of our customers, who have greatly influenced the continual development of Formech vacuum forming machines and ancillaries. Whilst many commercially available vacuum forming machines still resemble designs of the 1950s, Formech has developed an aesthetically pleasing, sophisticated and user friendly machine range, which resides in the R&D labs of many of the world's leading brands, companies and institutions including Dupont, VW Group, McLaren, BE Aerospace, Dyson, Disney, Ferrero Roche, Cambridge University and hundreds more!


Avian Recycling Machines

Plastic Recycling Machines

The Second Generation Pipe Shredder is choosing Ultra-Modern heavy duty industry design to support structure over the equipment's lifetime. All key parts are from top suppliers worldwide.

Experts of plastics size reduction Avian (USA) Machinery, LLC. is a world class manufacturer of size reduction machinery for the plastic, rubber and recycling industries. With manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities in Illinois, Avian (USA) Machinery, LLC. is an international supplier to the plastics industry. The parent company of Avian (USA) Machinery, LLC., Avian Machinery Co., Ltd., was founded in 1982 in Australia and has grown to a global company with manufacturing, service and distribution centers in the USA, Germany, Australia, India, Russia, Middle East and China. Avian offers a wide variety of machines including low, medium, and high speed granulators, pulverizes, and shredders. Avian granulators and shredders are ideal for block, film, sheet, plastic, and other specialized material including rubber. Currently, Avian customers include the automotive, electronic, chemical, plastic, recycling and packaging industries.


Piovan Volumetric Dosing Unit

Gravimetric Plastic Material Blending Machines

The Piovan gravimetric blenders, are available in various configurations and can dose and weigh up to 8 granular materials, allowing you to select the most appropriate hopper capacities and dosing devices.

Today, Piovan is the world leader in supplying ancillary equipment and services to the plastics industry. The achievement of this extraordinary result is a great source of pride and encourages us to maintain our excellent position on the global market. Piovan, currently with 950 collaborators, 7 production plants and 26 companies worldwide, has an unrivalled international presence which means closeness to the customers is no empty promise. Over fifty years of experience in the plastics industry has allowed the company to acquire an extensive cross-knowledge of the polymers processing and we want to share this heritage with our customers. We want to be seen as a trusted partner to clients in meeting their challenges, rather than just a mere supplier of auxiliary equipment.The intensification of international competition and the globalization of markets have spurred Piovan to try to continuously improve its organizational structure, knowing that only through ongoing improvements in process efficiency and product quality we will continue to deliver value to customers and keep our position as a global leader in our field. By pursuing our development goals with determination, we remain faithful to the principles which have inspired Piovan for three generations, recognizing the primary role of our employees and leading the business with honesty, integrity and transparency.

Apex take-out robots for plastics injection moulding machines

Robot Systems for Injection Moulding Machines

APEX Dynamics, Inc., founded in 1987, started up with the production of take-out robots for plastics injection moulding machines. Having established reputation in the robot industry, APEX took step into the technology of high-precision planetary gearboxes for servomotors which meets the advancement of the industry. Driven by the innovation spirit, APEX keeps improving the product quality, optimizing the manufacture procedure, increasing the productivity, to provide best product and best service to different industrial requirements. APEX has also been aggressively investing manpower and resources to develop new products and further expand global sales network. Guiding by sustainable management concept, APEX keeps promoting brand image and is stepping forward to a worldwide leading company.


  • Service : Trained technical staff to attend to maintenance, breakdowns and provide technical advice
  • Spares: Local stockholding and quick time sourcing of items from our Principals
  • Experience & Knowledge : Serving the plastics and packaging industries since 1966
  • Partnership : Partnering with you to ensure mutual long-term success
  • Flexibility : Working together to overcome challenges.
  • Solutions : From single items to customised turnkey solutions
  • Technological expertise : Our principal's are among the world leaders in their respective industries
  • Insight : Offering innovative technologies, products, ideas and support
  • Logistics : We can help - from quotation to commissioning - working with reputable service providers
  • Relationships : We aim for a professional, friendly environment
  • Value : We aim to provide you with quality products and services, saving you time and money


  • We understand the importance of local and immediate technical support and the availability of spare parts within the shortest possible period.
    In order to resolve your technical issues, keeping downtime to a minimum, we have:

  • local stock of spare parts
  • team of skilled & experienced service technicians
  • direct support of our principals.


Maritime Marketing

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